Diablo III on current iMacs

Does anyone know how Diablo 3 will perform on the current iMac line with the 6750m gfx cards?
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  1. It seems to me like the requirements for the mac are a bit low. Why are the reqs lower on Mac than on PC? especially when the Mac screens have higher resolutions.
  2. yup, I questioned that too, but seems like nobody responded so far. As far as resolutions, Mac screens have higher resolutions compared to what? there's such a thing as PC resolution? do tell
  3. My statement was vague. What I meant to write was that Mac screens generally have high resolutions paired with less powerful resolutions. If I were to have a 21.5" screen for a PC/Windows build, I would not pair it with a 6750m card. So I'm curious as to whether an iMac with a 6750m can really handle Diablo III on a 21.5" screen with the resolution maxed.
  4. The iMac screen resolution is listed as 1920x1080. The 6750m should be able to run Diablo3 at that resolution at decent frame rates (40+ avg.) on medium settings.

    Edit: Blizzard allows you to download either client after purchasing the game so I suppose if the Mac version in gimped in someway you could just download the PC version and run it in bootcamp. I am not sure how they would have better optimization on the Mac version to justify the lower system requirements but maybe they do.
  5. D3 is way more demanding than they say it is, at least for the beta.
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