Celeron 700@893 Voltage?

For the ones that read my previous message: i finally bought a Celeron II 700 (the price was about the same with 600 and 633).
What made me happy is the fact that my new processor is the new C II with cC0 stepping.
I've overclocked it and seems to be stable at 893MHz@85MHzBus, although i expected more...

I have the following question:
I'm working at 893Mhz now, with 1.85 or 1.90 volts.
With bus speed set at 86,87 or 88 some software will create errors and Windows will stop responding (Win2000Pro). When set at 89 or above Windows won't start at all. At 100Mhz i can't even boot (monitor doesn't turn on), even with 1.95volts.
Do you think that a higher voltage would help me to run @90MHz FSB speed or higher?
And if yes would it be safe enough for the CPU? (My motherboard supports max 1.95, but i can trick it through the SlotKet)

My motherboard is an Abit BE6-II (newest bios) and i'm using the MSI Master Slotket (that can be set to 1.50-2.00v).
Note that i've set the L2 Chache Latency to the slowest setting available (i will try faster speeds later on, when i'm sure about the max stable frequency) and i've tried many PCI/FSB and PCI/AGP division settings.

Thank you!


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  1. I dont think that it is the cpu but mostlikely the agp bus 89mhz is well over spec not all vid cards can handle that. what vid card are you using? And 100mhz is probable only feasable with excelent cooling (10.5 cpu mult.)

  2. I'm using Creative GeForce 256 (Annihilator), but i don't think this is the problem, because even if i choose AGP/FSB=2/3 (this means AGP is working @57MHz when FSB is @85MHz) the problem is still the same. I think the CPU just can't overclock any faster.

    Anyway, my mobo supports 83 to 200 MHz (increments of 1Mhz). What i mean is that it if were not the CPU that is responsible it sould at least be able to boot @100 or @95 or something and then crash because of high temperature.

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