Fop32 Clip pressure??

Just bought a fop32 to replace my chrome orb. I was just wondering if I should bend the clip on it before installing it. I have heard these hs have a lot of pressure on them. I don't want to risk crushing my core. Sorta nervous about removing my chrome orb also...
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  1. I don't think you should straighten out your clips, think about it... GlobalWin is a big company and I am sure that the clip pressure is just fine. They know what they are doing so I would trust them much rather then bend the clip straight and pray that it works good. If you mess with the clips you won't know what pressure is being applied to your CPU so it is wise to leave it alone. Only generic and no-name brands might scare me a litle, but GlobalWin is well known.
  2. The pressure on the Global Win heatsink clips is great, but should not be enough to break the core. AMD specifies the limit of pressure, from least to greatest, and I am sure that Global Win maintains those specs for liability reasons alone. You man need to use a screwdriver, or something, to install the clip due to the high amount of pressure required to install it. My fingers hurt greatly after attempting to install it by pressing down on the clip where you are supposed to, but damn that hurt. I used a small flat head screwdriver, carefully placed it through the fan and down onto the end portion of the clip and pressed down to push the clip onto the socket, much easier and much less painful. Just be patient and you will be able to install and remove the heatsink with no problems.
  3. yep, thats exactly what i did, the first time my hands were bleeding, but now i use a small flathead and its really easy. As long as you make sure you have it positioned right, you will be fine. And yes, GlobalWin is one of the few AMD certified socket hsf

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  4. Just installed the fop32 it works great. I was using the chrome orb and running at 62c with the case closed. Installed the fop32 1 case fan in the side panel blowing on the cpu and 1 case fan in the top of the case exausting the hot air temps now are 41c case closed. Quite an improvment.
    It wasn't all that bad mounting the fop32 just had to get it aligned properly and used a screwdriver to latch it also using artic silver... Thanks a bunch for the help by the way never had to bend that clip on the fop32...
  5. I bend mine. I guess I'm the only one. I really can't believe there needs to be that much pressure on the chip no matter what AMD or GlobalWin say.
    And I don't feel that I should have to go down to the local fire department and rent the jaws of life to get my HSF off my chip.

    Just my opinion.
  6. hehe, jaws of life, i guess you could call my screwdriver that

    If at first you don't succede, skydiving isn't for you.
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  7. i'm with Bubba on that one. I think its a pain to put the damn heatsink on and there is really no reason for all that preassure. I guess because silicon is really hard and hard to damage from preassure their thinking is better more then not enough but there is no need for that as long as you get the contact between the two without any ait pockets and there is no need for my hands to look like i work on some damn diesel engines thats for sure ;)
  8. more spring pressure does allow for better cooling, as it allows for better transfer of heat from the CPU to the heatsink. Filling the gaps with a good heatsink compound helps even more, and is absolutely needed with higher power consuming CPU's. I would like to see tests done by TOM's Hardware just on a heatsink or two, but with 4 springs varying in pressure to test the effectiveness of the pressure related to cooling.
  9. It may cool better with more pressure, I don't know. But how much better? 1 or 2C? Not worth risking my chip or having my fingers bleed.

    It would be nice to see a review of HSFs with different pressures, but again how much difference would it really make?
  10. Since the heatsink is getting contact with the core, I think that are no need to push the heatsink anymore. Another problem: the hooks on the socket may broke under excessive pressure.

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