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After playing WoW for a few years, I got bored and checked out Heist, then BF3. I figured I'd play the Easy Campaign, then Normal before I ventured in to multiplayer so I wouldn't be a complete liability. So last night, I spent a couple of hours in multiplayer and all I can say is wow.....I felt like a complete idiot. I was basicallyly getting about 2 kills for every 10 deaths and felt like I was just randomly running around following blue triangles over people's heads while people with a half a dozen stripes on their shoulders killed me at will.

So I'd like to study up a bit more on both strategies as well as some basics like "what are all they keys for the various commands". I googled it and found pretty much nothing but people making youtubes rambling about whatever while they ran around shooting things. So anyone know of a good link or two where I can go and get a good list of the commands I'll need, and strategies to play a good match?


-Private n00b
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  1. hey I feel like a complete idiot every time 100+hrs in (someone has to be killed more times than they kill, i'm normally 5 deaths for 3 kills?) something like that maybe worse at times. There are no basic commands, WASD, run, crouch lie and shoot, change weapon. check the key bindings for a full list.

    Learn the maps, pick a map to start with and work slowly through it, thats normally a big problem. don't play hardcore, its easier to kill and be killed.
  2. as far keys go, they are all in controls section of the options menu.

    strategies, etc, you might want to look for community forum guides or wikis
  3. Thanks for replies. So for instance, I couldn't figure out how to type in chat. Not that I want to yet, but in WoW you just hit your enter key and start typing. That didn't work.

    Secondly, I couldn't really figure out how the weapons worked. Why was everyone else equipped with these giant weapons shooting nuclear bullets at me with lazer sights and I had something from WWII? How do I get better weapons? And for that matter, what is the best way to locate an ammo dump? Is this one of the icon shapes floating around on my screen?

    I'd hate to have to join a forum just for BF3 so sorry if this is out of the scope of Tom's but thanks for the tips and encouragement so far. I'm really hoping to find a picture of the screen with little arrows saying what each thing is for, and maybe a list of 10 basic rules/actions to know about to be able to play effectively. I seem to be failing at googling for once.
  4. look for the max level servers =sass= max level 35 is a good one
  5. your weapons will upgrade and gain bits as you increase rank :)

    Just hang in there and negative scores are ok!
  6. ok understand what you are after now.

    Better weapons come from kills with a weapon, so every 10 kills you get an upgrade for that weapon, on the deploy screen you'll see a customise button that button allows you to apply your add-ons to your weapons. More wepaons are unlocked as you rank up, either within a 'kits' or generally.

    J,K and L allow you to talk, J to everyone, K to team and L to squad, press that button and you'll be able to chat.

    Z=lie down

    keep this thread open and we'll answer questions.
  7. Ammo dumps (dropped by support class members) will show up on your radar as the little bullets. All you have to do is run over the package.

    Don't worry so much about guns....if you properly aim and shoot at somebody, whatever gun you're using will assuredly kill them. I personally don't even like laser sights. Aiming and control are key, and the guns they start you out with are not really inferior.......I can remember top 5-ing the scoreboard plenty of times with just the base, beginning of class weaponry.

    I assume the "nuclear" shells you're referring to are just rockets launched from a SMAW or RPG (rocket launchers). They're part of the loadout of the engineer class. This is probably my favorite class to play. The rocket launchers allow you to take out vehicles, and you're also equipped with a repair torch, so you can help repair vehicles in need (which is very important in BF3).

    Practice will do wonders...just be patient and observe others. Try to use cover and stay around other team members. Eventually you'll learn the maps, which is invaluable.

    And's just a game - - it's alright to die, and starting out, you're going to die a lot!!! Just try to have some fun with it, and eventually you'll get the hang of it.

    Oh...learn about the classes and the kinds of support they can provide.
  8. Some slight adidtions to the above:
    Ammo crates will refill you slowly, so you need to be near them for 10s or so.
    The repair tool can also damage
    R for reloading
    play play play
  9. Keep your fire rate down too short 3-4 round bursts. Holding the trigger just misses.

    Repair tool kills for the win!

    Its not just about kills...... Capturing the points and destroying MCOMS etc can give you bundles of points.

    Theres a co-op set of missions you can unlock some extra weapons on (though the start weapons are decent once you get a better sight mounted)
  10. Someone already mentioned it, but learning the maps is really step number one. You can be a great twitch shooter player but if you don't know the positions that you're all but guaranteed to get overrun from 3 different directions, and how to avoid them, you're going to get mauled.

    Beyond that, suss out what mouse sensitivity you're comfortable with and work on your aim. Find a gun and attachments that you like, and play almost exclusively with them until you're proficient with them, then explore other guns and attachment combos. Learn how to use your kit. That means clutch reviving your teammates when enemies are trying to push, keeping ammo and claymores etc down as support, setting up SOFLAM as recon when there are engineers trying to javelin tanks and so on. If you're doing all of those things and doing them well, your KDR's importance is diminished by your effort and people will notice it.
  11. +1 ^ my KDR is rubbish, but my point score is high, because I do a lot of other things, flag cap, revive, vehicle destroy etc. playing the objective.
  12. Once you learn the map and learn "where not to go" you do alot better. I would recommend joining up with a squad as soon as the game starts and sticking with them. You will get extra protection and learn how everything works.

    Battlefield 3 isnt about getting kills honestly. Its nice but its not the biggest part. Its all about the points. Pick a class, id recommend either assault or engineer at first and stick with it for a while. Find a gun you like, figure out your part of the team and you will get points for everything you do to help the team. You will upgrade your stuff and rank up alot better than focusing on kills. Sometimes you just need to sacrifice yourself to push you team further. If you look on the leaderboards at the end some poeple at the top barely have any kills, but they have a shitload of points because they used there kit and got the points for helping the team.

    Also stay out of vehicles till you get you footing on the field. Especially jets/heli's. Let someone who has experience jump in it first because most likely you going to get yourself killed real quick in one if you dont learn the roops first. The reason i like bf3 so much is because its so much different from other FPS, If everyone on your team doesnt there job its pretty much a gaurenteed win.
  13. Awesome guys, thank you sooo much for all the tips.

    I'm about to jump in. I'm going to play an assault and stick to one map all day and focus on position and becoming more acquainted with the mini map.

  14. For maps like metro, try to find a good spot to stay at where alot of people will run around downrange, as opposed to running around like in cod.
  15. catatafish said:
    Awesome guys, thank you sooo much for all the tips.

    I'm about to jump in. I'm going to play an assault and stick to one map all day and focus on position and becoming more acquainted with the mini map.


    Good plan. Keep the defrib paddles handy......just make sure the coast is clear before giving the shock, or you'll both end up dead. ;) A good med guy is a real asset to a squad.
  16. That reminds me of the most frustrating bit..... getting revived just to get instantly shot again
  17. Yeah, don't worry about getting killed a lot when you start off online. I beat the campaign on hard only to play online and get a 0.2 KD ratio or something after a week or so of play.

    I stuck at it and very soon noticed I was killing more than I got killed, I am now rank 42, with a 1.6KD ratio and a service star for each class!
  18. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    Ok, I'm averaging around 5 or 6 kills to 8 or 9 deaths now. Improvement!

    You were all spot on about the maps and location. You really get to know the hot spots and where the sniping campers are and stuff.

    I did find some good youtube vids on things like how to spawn better, spotting a target, and how to be more useful to your team by throwing down med packs and fixing tanks.

    One big new fail......don't get in a helicopter without watching a vid on how to fly it first!!! Can you say "suicide"?

    I don't see myself every going back to WoW or SWTOR again.....this game is amazing, and its the ultimate in PvP. So much for getting any chores done around the house for the next few months. Why isn't every red blooded male playing this game 24/7!!!!!
  19. The 2 best places to train yourself for helos are A. the second mission of co-op mode, and B. empty/low pop vehicle training servers in BF3 and BFBC2 if you own it (usually the Heavy Metal map).
  20. Yea helicopters are tough. The seconds co-op mission is the best to learn how to fly them with out crashing into the ground. Multiplayer steps it up a notch because you need to be constantly moving and the lower you fly to the ground the better chance you have to not die. It took me a while to get use the the helicopters but i still slam into those stupid towers every once in a while.
  21. catatafish said:
    Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    I don't see myself every going back to WoW or SWTOR again.....this game is amazing, and its the ultimate in PvP. So much for getting any chores done around the house for the next few months. Why isn't every red blooded male playing this game 24/7!!!!!

    I have to agree. BF3 is an fantastic MP FPS......I would probably say my favorite. There are just so many ways to play it, and it's the most fun when teams start working together.

    I think possibly the one imbalance with BF3 might be the engineer class, which I believe is probably a bit too powerful. You get some excellent rifles that rival the assault class's weaponry, plus the ability to take out armored vehicles. I think a good, realistic, compromise to level this class down a bit would be to slow their movement speed compared to assault and support.....I mean, you are carrying some big-ass rockets and launchers - that stuff is heavy.

    I love playing engineer, though. When there are some good Recon class guys painting targets for you with the SOFLAM, you can be really devastating.....especially working with other engineers using the Javelin missile launchers.
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