Skyrim shadowing issue

This problem (I believe) has existed since I first installed Skyrim from disk. The areas which should be transparent on trees and grass are casting shadows, leaving the shadows of grass and trees as a large square-like shadow. I have re-installed the game to find no hope, likewise for trying out other textures people have made for it, but still nothing changes...only my anger haha. Below is a screenshot of the shadow a tree is making, as you can see it is just blocks.

I believe it's related to the fact the transparency in the textures is visible at distance, or when against clouds/water and thus leaving an obvious see-through area looking terribly unsightly.
Here's what the transparency does to water:

I am using an ATI X1950 Pro (512Mb) and 3Gb of RAM. I have tried every last configuration of AA and FXAA and AF to see if anything differs, but I don't win. I was hoping somebody could think of what might be causing this recurring issue. Thanks so much for your time!
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  1. Hi :)

    Thats a VERY VERY old card and its the problem....

    Buy a new and better card.....although its doubtful you could buy worse these days...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Is that simply all the matter is? Haha.
    I seem to run it pretty fine on medium, but I do have doubts on my poor ol' workhorse now...
  3. Could anybody recommend a decent card for under £100? I'm not wanting extreme gaming or anything, just something that'll keep the casual gamer going. Thanks!
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