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Hi all,

I'm in need of an example script that i can change accordingly to my working environment.

I'm currently working at four different locations and move my laptop around with me all of the time. The problem is that in each of my locations i require a different proxy address and port or when at home, none. I'm now fed up with opening up internet explorer and changing the settings manually each time i move location.

Whether this is possible or not i am unsure but what i would like to achieve is four icons on my desktop each called the working location ie home.vbs workplaceone.vbs and so on. I would then be able to double click on these and that would invoke a change to my proxy settings inside IE.

So for each of my work places i would need the following two boxes checked,

'Use a proxy server for your LAN (these settings will not apply to dial-up or VPN Connections)'
'Bypass proxy server for local addresses'

I Would then need to enter my proxy address and port number.

The home settings would need to remove both of the above boxes.

Does anyone have any example scripts i could manipulate accordingly?

Thanking in advanced,


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  1. There are tons of easy scripts for this.
    All it does is make a registry edit.

    You can even write a simple .bat file using the regedit command and copy the keys out that you need. Just do a registry search for the strings you are looking for, save that to a file. Then create a few .reg files with the edits you want in the settings. You can do a .bat file that uses the "case" command to select the file you want to run. Like "if case = 1 then run reg1.reg". You hit 1 at the dos window, and it sets up your settings. That's not the exact code you need but if you do a bit of research you'll find exactly what you need.
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