re-installing Globwin fop-1 - thermal pad/compound

I removed my GlobalWin Fop32-1 heatsink and now I want to put it back on. Here's the deal it has this red/pink colored pad or compound on the bottom of it. I've looked around and reviews seem to indicate this as a "pad," yet it is not a traditional pad. It clearly has changed phase. When I removed the heat sink, some of the compound/pad stuck to the sides of the processor core. I'm not too worried about this part, but I am wondering if the core top contact will work properly? The top of the core has a pretty standardized surface now that there is some of the pad/compound stuck on it and there is a thin layer sill on the heatsink, in the areas the core was in contact with.

Obviously it would be better to get some artic silver, but I would like to just keep things simple, so if it's possible I want to use it as is.

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  1. Well, it should be ok. Even using no pad or thermal compound will work- i wouldn't recommend it though. I would just go buy some thermal compound- (doesn't have to be arctic silver), scratch that crap off and put the compound on. It's not hard.

    -MP Jesse
  2. The manufacturers recommend replacing the pad with another pad or heatsink compound upon the removal of the heatsink. The thermal pad is supposed to be a one time application.
  3. If you don't want to go get any AS, then just put it back on as is. It will be fine, I have done it before.
  4. So that little pink thing on the bottom of the heat sink actually has a purpose?? Does it negate the need for heat transfer compound or should I smear it with compound before mounting my Globwin ??How the heck does it work??
  5. it is to replace thermal compound,easy one time application although if you remove heatsink you should replace it. but the cheap stuff at radio shack is better $2-$3 i've built six comps so far with it and have lots left.
  6. Any compound is better than the pick crap. But don't use both. It either one or the other. If you want to use a compound like Arctic Silver, take the pink crap off with Acetone (nail-polish remover). But once you do that, you can't go back. But then why would you want to. :smile:

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