Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Graphics Issue

I've been playing fine for days and now for some reason the screen turns black randomly. The game is still going but everything is black. I can still hear everything going on and if I click around on the mini map it goes back to normal until I click back where I was. I just noticed that it starts by my units having black lines trailing their movement then...all black. Like I said, it was running fine for a few days, so I don't think its my specs, but I have win7 x64, 6gb ddr2 ram, 2.6ghz dual core CPU and nvidia geforce 8500gt video card. I've tried a mix of video settings from low to high. This is weird. Has anyone else had this prob? Know of a fix? I've heard that this is a known issue, but I haven't found a solution.
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  1. SOLVED: Well for what its worth, I figured it out. It was the "Heat Effects" setting under advanced video settings. I think I had a "microwave tank" unit that was 'agitating' that setting lol. Just disabled "Heat Effects".
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