Bios sees bootable CD rom

Motherboard - Supermicro - X6DA8-G2
Proessors (2) - Intel - 2x XEON 3.2GHZ 1MB 800FSB
Ram (DDR2) - PDPsystems - 4x PC2-3200 REG ECC 2GB(2x1GB)
IPMI 2.0 - Supermicro - IMP20-E
Video Card - Norwood Micro - Radeon 9250 256 DDR Memory
Hard Drive (SCSI) - Seagate - ST336753LW 36.7 G
CD Rom (SCSI) - Plextor - PX-40TSUWI
CD Burner (SCSI) - Plextor - PX-W4012TS
DVD Ram (SCSI) - Panasonic -LF-D291

Built my first computer
using Ultra 320 Scsi on Channel B, Power up and put the bootable cd from Supermicro in first also tried windows CD
Hear CD spinning up and harddrive too, then looking at monitor there is Supermicro logo and under that is press delete to go to setup and press tab to display Bios Post
Waited few mintes nothing happen press delete and tab nothing happen it like it is frozen.

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  1. It gets stuck before completing POST?

    Strip the system down bare, 1 stick of RAM, 1 HD.. just see if you can get it to fire up.

    When the BIOS splash pops up, hit tab right away to see if it clears the screen. It's probably having problems detecting your SCSI drives. Are your drives terminated properly?
  2. fires up with HD stick ram then go post then fews menites it go to a no signal on monitor
    plug every thing back in,I hit the tab right away and bios see all the drives
  3. What's your video card's connection type, what video card is it, what monitor are you using?

    What OS have you tried to load?
    Have you tried to boot to CD?

    BIOS settings could be primary display PCI when it should be AGP most likely.
  4. ATI 9250 256 ddr memory,using DVI connection Scanport N9 19" LCD Monitor
    Try windows xp and Supermicro bootable CD

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  5. Sounds like a hardware problem. Possibly memory or motherboard would be the first things to check. Try swapping out your memory, or running with 1 module.

    Reset your BIOS to default or Fail Safe.
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