Restrict guest from accessing local drive in Windows 7

Hello, can u tell me how to restrict guest user from accessing certain local drive in Windows 7
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    If the guest is just going to use the system for a short time then the simplest thing would probably be to go into Disk Management and remove the drive letter from the drive. You'd also have to make sure the guests's account doesn't have administrative access.
  2. which drive.?
  3. any drives, hard drives, disc drives etc. I tried @sminlal's method. It works for standard users as well as other users. But the Guest account still seems to be able to access the drive. I am not sure if I did any wrong steps. Still checking out. Thanks @sminlal.
  4. I'm a little mystified as to how the account could access anything on the drive if it doesn't have a drive letter....?
  5. I am not sure what went I just disable the guest account and created a new standard user..... from the group policy, I prevent users access to the drives and even hide the drives.... that works for the time being.

    However, the disadvantage is every time I (admin) want to access those drives, I too have to enable it. Anyway thanks for your suggestion. I will again re-check your tips....maybe I did something wrong.
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  7. I would manipulate the permissions of the root of the partitions you do not want guests to access.

    When I create a new partition I always remove the default Authenticed Users permissions (leave Administrators and SYSTEM), and then add own groups that need the access.

    (It is a little bit more tricky on the C: drive however.)
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