Is my T-Bird 1.2 Ghz temp high?

I have

AMD T-Bird 1.2 Ghz,
Asus A7V,
Alpha PAL6035/w Delta 60mm fan
Aopen HQ08 (case, I installed three fans - air in)

Asus Probe shows this:

Idle - 63 C / 146 F
Under load: 70 C / 158 F

Idle - 42 C / 107 F
Under load: 43 C / 109 F </b>

Is it hot? Do you think I have to change CPU fan (but guys here advised me this and I saw good things about it.
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  1. yes that looks real high!
    try setting the fans on the back to blow out.
    the key is airflow through the case.
    also what is the temp of the room you are in?
    your heatsink is fine.
    by the way did you use a very thin coating of thermal goop under the heatsink? too much is as bad as none.

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    the fool, or the fool that takes his advice?
  2. Yes this is a high temp for a tbird. Though I note that your MB temp is abnormaly high as well. Given your HSF and extra fans you should be running 15-20C cooler on the cpu and 10C on the mobo.

    Either Asus Probe is wrong (quite possible given the narrow deviation of your idle/load temps) or your Alpha isn't seated correctly. Go into bios setup at boot and look at pc health section. let the system sit a bit and watch the temp...
  3. I didn't use that thermal goop. :-( Should I use it?

    One more thing. When left my comp case open temp is much lower (Idle: CPU - 49C /120F, MB - 25C / 75F).

    I will use that thermal goop.
  4. If you have a couple of case fans and your temp is that much lower when you take your case off, then your case fans are either mounted incorrectly or they are not doing a very good job at all.
    I would fix the orientation of the fans and make sure they are actually working.
  5. Bubba, I put out fan/heatsink, used that thermal stuff (goop) a little. Put it back. I opened my window that time (made cold room :-) and when everything all that:

    open case
    cold room
    thermal goop used

    I achieved this:
    <font color=blue>
    CPU: Idle - 25/77
    Under load - 35/95

    MB: Idle - 13/55
    Under load - 19/66
    </font color=blue>
    Then I closed window, closed case, after a little warmer room (and after PC worked a little) here is what I have:
    CPU: Idle - 43/109
    Under load - 54/129

    MB: Idle - 31/87
    Under load - 38/100</b>

    Now let's see what was before (when it was hot):
    <font color=red>
    CPU: Idle - 63/146
    Under load: 70/158

    MB: Idle - 42/107
    Under load: 43/109
    </font color=red>
    Before (case open):

    CPU - 49 C /120F,
    MB - 25 C / 75F.

    Guys, do you think it is OK now (comparing what was before)?
    Do you think I should care more (put some big fans around case, or something like that)?
  6. Thank you guys. I guess this is ok (that I mentioned on previous message) for now. I will put some more fans later, but for now if something will happen I will leave case open.

    Guys I don't maybe that is because of that, my system works greats, it rocks, no problem, except when I work over the Internet it sometimes (not often but) locks up.
    Is it some modem problem, or drivers, or still because of that temp?
  7. That looks just fine. It's about where my 700@945 sits. You have fixed your prob, laterz.

    "I yam what I yam!"
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