Video game streaming.

Hi guys, Sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong place but it seems like a good place to start.

Okay so i want to stream games Via Twitch Tv- Or Xfire. Most of you game heads know what that is.

My PC runs Battle field 3, Wow and everything fine, But when i stream its very laggey and choppy. Almost un watchable.

System Specs

Asus P5Q pro mobo
2 4870 1 gig video cards
8 Gb ddr 2 (1066)
raptor hard drive
Q9550 quad core. (not over clocked)

I know my system is a few years old but i don't see why i can't stream...

I'm not sure what is causing this bad problem. My guess is the video cards? My frame rates in wow and in BF3 have been not so great. I even get lower frame rates then one of my friends who have the same system as me, except they have 2 4850 graphic cards. I really don't understand it. If any of you have experience in this and could help me as to what i should upgrade it would really help! Thanks.
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  1. I should add everything is up to date and i'm running windows 7 64 bit.
  2. its probably the internet connection, because in Onlive, if you want to run the game like butter, you should have at least 3 mbit minimum of internet connection
  3. Thanks, I should of added my internet, I have Fiber optic, getting around 24-30mb download and 7-12 upload
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