Skyrim on the Go...

I know the issue of laptops not being the best option for gaming, but help me out here.

Specifications of my Laptop:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 740 @ 1.73GHz
8.0 GB of RAM (unsure of which kind)
GeForce GT 435M 2 GB

When I run the test at, I have a passing rig. When I view the recommended requirements, it says the video card isn't recommended (although it passes all subcheck qualities (requires 3.0 pixel shader, card has 5.0, requires 3.0 vertex shader, card has 5.0, requires 512 Dedicated RAM, card has 2.1 GB)).

This is where I get confused. Whenever I start Skyrim, the first time it ran, it asked for a system check to determine the default settings. Default settings was set to high quality. When I start the game it runs smooth for 10 seconds, then it starts to gradually lag incrementally.

Even worse, when I run the game at the lowest possible settings, I get the same results. Smooth for 10 seconds then gradually starts lagging.

Is there hope for this case I've been obsessing over for a while?

If you're going to need further information (like GPU or CPU temperatures or something that records internal electronics), I'm going to need to ask you to walk me through if you request such information.
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  1. Your temperatures will probably be the issue here.
    Get some programs to check the temps of your CPU and GPU and run them with the game to see what results you get.

    Odds are your CPU throttles down to keep cool.

    That would be my guess in the first place. If you check those and are ok, we can check alernatives.
  2. start by getting realtemp/coretemp and rivatunner.
    turn them on. in riva tunner there is an option to see the gpu activity and temps. for riva tunner info. the others have nothing special, just run it and you will get clan info constantly updating .
  3. I used another program, but I still got the results.

    At the most, GPU experienced 99 C. CPU experienced 93 C. Even now (after the test), the temperatures are staying relatively higher than before testing.

    If it helps, my power option is set to High Performance.
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    Did you see if the cpu speed droped after the temperatures went up?
    You can see it in core temp/real temp.

    Use any of those 2 as they are considered more accurate than others :D.

    Both are very high, id suggest if the warrany is void already, that you take it to a PC fix it location and change the thermal paste of both of them with something lke arctic silver 5.

    Also since you responded me very fast, im assuming you didnt wait untill you checked temps...

    Normally you need to run long tests. (2+ hours, PC freaks like me normally leave it 6-24 hours running).

    I wouldent recommend running prime95 (CPU stress testing program), as your temps are 2 high for gaming already.

    Cleaning the fan from dust with a can of compressed air could help as well (make sure the laptop is off for this).
  5. My bad. I understand how to install hardware, but never calculate them. :D So sorry, I new to this kind of deal here.

    I'll give an overnight run (since it is 3:17 here in the U.S. Central Time). I'll have Skyrim running at the same time as well.

    EDIT: The CPU does decrease in performance when the temperature goes up.
  6. Sorry for the double post, but what are my options other than replacing the thermal paste? I'm still going to replace the paste, but I would like my full range of options.
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