Suggestion: Tai-Sol forged 742092 heatsink/fan

Hello Everyone..
Many of you reading these postings might wonder about a really good heatsink/fan unit for your Socket A Athlon/Durons.
I would like to recommend the Tai-Sol forged 742092 cooler. After a couple of weeks of researching, I decided to go with the Tai-Sol unit after deciding that my "generic" cooler just wasn't doing what I had hoped it would do. I know many of you are ordering mobo/cpu/cooler combos like I did.
The Tai-Sol is very large and has a large, low profile fan. It is very quiet, and very efficient. It fits perfectly on a A7V and the Abit KT-133 motherboards. It keeps my processor running an average of 10 degrees F cooler than the generic did, and it's actually quieter. It's also less costly than the Global Win and Alpha coolers. I'm not trying to take away from those great cpu coolers. They are probably the best bet if one is serious about overclocking, but the Tai-Sol is rated right up there too.
Here's a link to one of the very few places that have them in stock at a good price.
I bought mine from these people, and will do business with them again. The Tai-Sol doesn't stay in stock very long, so if you are wanting one, you'd better hurry.
P.S. The 742092 also has one of the best clip designs that I've seen. It clips to all 3 tabs on both sides of the socket, and even has a little tab for you to use a screwdriver to push down and clip it into place. I couldn't get over how much I loved that design after messing with the other cooler.
Good Luck,
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  1. I agree with you,( I chose this as the first heatsink after realising that my original choice of a SuperOrd was crap) although I found review where it actually beat the alpha (globalwin not tested)!! Considering that it is much quieter and the clip is so much better I'drecommend it to anybody (overclocking or not)
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