Texutre Glitches or artifacts?

Ok so i have been experiencing random issues in crysis 2 and skyrim lately where i get these texture glitches. The textures look normal but then some weird other textures pop in and out of the scene. The other textures look as if they belong in the game but not where they are placed. In crysis it only happens in a few areas while in skyrim it usually happens when looking at mountains far away. I have overclocked my gtx 580 a little bit but even when i reset it to stock frequency the same glitch occurs. I'm wondering if it is a driver issue (I am currently using 296.10) or are they artifacts? I do not think they are considering it only happens in those two games but i just want to make sure i didnt damage my card. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Well glitches normally occur when the video card is unstable: wrong overclock, hightemps,low voltage,etc... so first of all return it to stock speeds, if the problem persists, try reverting drivers, there are some people complaining about the 296.10 drivers, and so i would recommend you to downgrade to 295.73 they are the latest(stable), i am using those with no problems.
    if you have tried other drivers and the gpu temps are good, you may have damaged the card with the overclocking, if that is the case the problem will start to increase up to a point where the video card will be shut down, lets hope this is not the problem.
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