GTA IV lag... Is my pc not enough..???

Well I got a copy of GTA IV and I was hoping for a little bit of good performance but I am really disappointed because my game is lagging like hell... Even on low settings.. I played Battlefield 3 on high settings.... Is my pc not enough or there is some other problem????

My System specs are:
Amd Athlon x2 3800+ 2.2 GHz
2GB ddr2 Ram
Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 1GB
Corsair CX430 430Watt Psu...
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  1. GTA IV is a very poorly optimized game that requires a lot of CPU horsepower to run well. A fast quad core CPU is recommended. An old and slow dual core like the one you have probably only barely meets the game's minimum requirements, so performance is going to be quite poor. You also have a very low amount of RAM, GTA IV can use more than 2GB of RAM on its own, so the game probably is having to use the hard drive as RAM, resulting in poor performance.

    Sadly, your only solution is to do some upgrading. If possible bump yourself up to 4GB of RAM, and look at getting a faster and more modern CPU if your motherboard allows it.
  2. THanks For the advise... I really appreciate it..
  3. Even then, don't expect it to run smoothly. I have the below and the FPS is still all over the place.

    580 3GB
    8GB RAM
    i7 860 @ 4GHz
  4. dude GTA 4 is a ported game to pc from a console so u can expect lag issues but your gpu is powerful enought to run bf 3 at high did not mention your operating system are you using a supported operating system version?? that can make a huge difference
  5. Windows 8 has a very very small 3D gaming performance decrease than Windows 7, it's not even noticeable, you lose maybe 3 frames tops, that cannot be the issue.

    Your Graphics Card is a good one, it should run GTA IV fine itself, but your lower ram and cpu is what's causing the lag, I am surprised that you ran Battlefield 3 well, but bring your ram up to 4GB, but try buying a processor from the AM3 range if your budget is low, you could get a Phenom ii x4 for around 80 bucks (Athlon ii x4 for 60-70), an AM3 motherboard for 30-40 at the cheapest, and 4GB DDR3 ram for 30-40, and then GTA IV will run great, and all other games much better.
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