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  1. Which games are you having problems with?
  2. It sound like your graphics card is trying to process far too much detail.
    You can try the following
    1). lower your graphics details
    2). lower your screen resolution
    3). overclock your graphics card
    4). overclock your processor.

    All these options will help to reduce lag but they will never eliminate it.

    ps. The i7-2700K is only a 4 core processor, the hyperthreading make it appear that it has 8 core. Also, the dump from dxdiag was completely unnecessary, noone will read it and it takes too much space.
  3. Look for Vsync in your graphic options. make sure it is enabled.
  4. Thanks for the replys.

    I don't know if i mentioned this in my post but it's mainly star wars the old republic that I have this problem with. And sometimes skyrim, any other game I play seems to be fine.

    I've tried lowering the graphics it doesn't seem to work, I'll try lowering the screen resolution, i'm a bit hesitant to overclock as I don't want to damage my computer.

    Also my vertical sync has been on and hasn't helped.
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