Which would run SC2 and Diablo 3 better?

Here are the specs:

Processor Type: AMD Dual-Core
Processor Chipset: AMD A4-3305M
Processor Speed: 2.5GHz
Video Card: Radeon HD 7690M XT
Dedicated Video Memory: 2037MB

Processor Brand: AMD
Processor Type: Quad-Core A6-3400M
Processor Speed: 2.3GHz
Video Card: AMD Radeon™ HD 6755G2 Dual Graphics
Dedicated Video Memory: 4085MB
Shared Video Memory: 1024MB
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  1. I'd say the second one, with the quad-core, definitely.
  2. no! quad cores suck for sc2 blizzers doesnt accept them and you will run at 1 fps on huge maps trust me i have a phenom x4 9150e quad and they r sucking bad with my gtx 460 graphic card
  3. ok well why would you get an amd processor with an nvidia card? on the other hand, maybe the processor would suck for blizzard, but think of everything else that would take advantage of it.
  4. @rampkage: he is screwing with you man it is a freaking trolls!@
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