Is the Steelseries Siberia USB Souncard any good for Virtual Surround


Im no pro gamer but I do like to get immersed while I play and know where my opponents are coming from (FPS games mostly) so Im very much curious on how different it will the sound output will be when I will use a Steelseries Siberia USB Soundcard with my Siberia V2 (yes, my set did not come with the USB soundcard, it was just given to me). I know that there have been reviews and all about this but I still have yet to find the answer does it really give you a directional sound or is it like the Dolby sound expansion found on the Gigabyte motherboards with Dolby installed (ex. X58A-UD7 and the like)?

Will I notice the difference in game?

Are there any other suggestions for other sound cards?

Do you think the siberia usb soundcard is good enough?

And also would soundcards that say they produce virtual surround sound (like the siberia usb soundcard) help turn my ATH-M50 into a surround sound headphone?

Lastly or is it better to sell my Siberia V2 and get a Corsair Vengeance 1500?

Sorry for the multitude of questions hahahahah.

Hope someone could help me or direct me to the right area of the forum ^_^

Thanks in advance
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  1. Yeah, a friend has it and likes it. He bought it after his trusty Xonar DG blew up, and he likes this one better. +It has 7.1 surround sound support.
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