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Am planning to upgrade my Pentium 166 with either Celeron 700 or PIII-700. If i used the Jetway i815 motherboard, can I overclock the FSB, say the Cely's 66mhz to 100mhz without changing the multiplier? and still maintain a on-spec AGP and PCI bus speeds? (I heard this chipset can run "asyncronous"..
Am wondering if that won't be a problem on via694 chipsets? can anybody answer that?
Which should i go for? and which will i get the best chance for overclocking? please give me tips also on how to overclock intel CPU..
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  1. The performance of the cel leave lots to be desired the pIII is the better choice. As for the mobo i would recomend the cusl2-c by asus the jetway board may not have the capability to chang cpu core voltage and other key setting for sucsefull overclock. Both of the chipsets can run assyncronous and both also have the correct agp devidors for 100 and 133 mhz. Personaly though, I would go for the duron and a kt133a chipset based mobo such as a7v133, kt133a, or ga-7zxr 2.1 by asus, abit, and gigabyte.

  2. Yes, use the fastest PIII FC-PGA processor you can afford, then overclock it to the desired speed. Get the E because EB has a 133 FSB, so it's harder to increase the bus speed on it.

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