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Hey guys, I am still using the release candidate of windows 7 and I am having some issues with firefox. The browser itself is working fine, but the browser window and any pages it displays are massive. My resolution is at 1920x1200, but firfox looks like it would if I were running my desktop resolution at 800x600. Any ideas why the browser is running so large? It makes it very annoying to view pages that were meant for higher resolutions. I know I can zoom out of a page, but that won't fix the problem, as the actual window itself would still be massive and take up a large amount of the screen. Any ideas? Thanks!
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  1. No problems here.

    You can resize the window (ie, grab a corner of the window and drag it to change the height/width), right?

    Have you tried "View -> Zoom -> Reset"?

    Is the text in the menu bar ("File, Edit, View...") larger than normal too?
  2. The text on the "File, Edit, View..." Is all normal size, but the Menus, Address Bar, Buttons, and tabs take up the top 2 inches or so of my screen. It shouldn't take nearly that much up at 1920x1200. And I reset zoom to no effect; the webpages still look like they are being loaded in 800x600. Any more ideas? Thanks!
  3. Let me explain it like this. Ever used firefox on a netbook? It looks exactly how I would expect it to on a netbook, and this is a laptop with a full HD screen...something has to be wrong, because under no circumstances should it look anything like it would on a netbook. I have tried googling it, but either I am the only one who has ever had this issue, or it is supposed to be this way. If the latter is the case, I am afraid I will have to switch browsers, and I really don't wanna do that cause firefox is great.
  4. Have you tried this:

    View -> Toolbars -> Customize...

    Check the "Use Small Icons" at the bottom of the dialogue box.

    ...and while the dialogue box is open you can drag the address bar, search bar, etc. around to reconfigure their layout.
  5. Still no use. Thanks though. Anymore ideas?
  6. This is grasping at straws, but try this:

    -> type "about:config" in the address bar and acknowledge the warning message if you get it.

    -> scroll down to the "general.skins.selectedSkin" entry.

    What value is it set to? Mine is set to "Classic/1.0".
  7. Mine is selected as something called "HalloFF". No idea what that means...I might try looking through the options to see what I can come up with. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks!
  8. Haha, I just realized "HalloFF" stands for the halloween skin I am using at the moment. I am gonna try to see if Classic 1.0 will maybe do it for me. Thanks again!
  9. I'd be interested in knowing if that did indeed fix the problem in case someone else runs into it some day...
  10. Unfortunately it did not fix the problem. I have just switched over to chrome. I have no idea how to fix it...
  11. I had another problem with firefox, when using RTM W7 X86
    It sometimes popup a debugger popup....asking localhost or some other place....when it appear more than 3 times, firefox close.
    how to fix??
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