Epson C84 Reassumes Default Printer Status Without Asking

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We bought an Epson C84 recently and really like the printer. However,
when we hooked it up to a print server, we noticed some odd behavior.
The Epson would make itself the default printer every time you would
use it. If you make another printer the default printer, and then
check the properties of the Epson, it would again become the default
printer. Sometimes, it just will become the default printer on the
fly while you are working. I have seen at least three other posts
that deal with this. I wonder if this is a problem that has been
fixed. I have emailed Epson regarding this, but they are a bit slow
to respond so far. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.print_fax (More info?)

    Here was the solution that Epson finally provided after several

    Uninstall the printer from all your workstations. Then install the
    printer from the software CD. Stop when it tries to auto detect the
    connection type. Take out any auto start apps from the printer
    referenced in the MSCONFIG startup tab. Will say Epson or E_xxx.
    Then turn off the status monitor in the printer preferences. Finally
    add a local port that maps to where the printer is located on your
    network, i.e.. \\servername\printerportname. This has worked for us.
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