Pop-Up Problem (but not what you think)

I can't get any pop-up windows to open, even ones I want. I get a message at the bottom left of Internet Explorer that says "pop-up window blocked".

Holding the CTRL key while clicking the link does not work. IE's pop-up blocker is off. I've tried turning off both my firewall and virus software but no help.

I thought I'd try reinstalling IE6 from Microsofts site, but I can't because the link opens as a pop-up.

I'm running Windows XP Home SP2.
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  1. I have pop ups blocked usually, and generally there's a link on the page in a sentence like "if the download doesn't start click here."

    Just a couple WAGs, your ISP may block them somehow, or you have a rogue program/plug-in running.


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  2. you just have your settings up to high... it's blocking every single External Link being opened..

    Play around with your Settings..

    Screw IE anyway.... go with Mozilla FireFox

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