Athlon Upgrade Choices

Ok right now I have an Asus k7-m with an athlon 650, and 128 mb pc100 ram.

I am thinking of just purchasing an Athlon 900 (I heard I could put a 900 Slot A Thunderbird in my K7-m???).

I'm not really interested in overclocking my athlon 650, because I don't want to take the case apart and things. But I was considering getting the Abit kt7 with a Duron 700 and overclocking that.

What do you guys think would be best? Should I but the new 900 athlon or the 700 Duron and O/C? I just think that If i buy the new socket A mobo I could possibly get a higher cpu later since the slot A seems to be getting harder to find.

Anyway, what do you all think?
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  1. the slot a t-bird will not work with your mobo. unless you want to try anyways. i say go with the newer socket boards...

    If you can't beat 'em kill 'em
    athlon "SLOTA" thunderbird 700@1050mhz
  2. I thought the t-birds worked with AMD's 751 Northbridge, but not with the VIA KX133 Northbridge.

    ...and I thought the K7M uses AMD the Slot A Tbirds should work.
    But I've noticed that the price of the slotA athlons are getting much higher than the socketA ones, especially at higher speeds.
    (e.g. ~$490 canadian for slotA 1GHz, ~$300 for socketA 1GHz)
    The price difference itself might be enough to get a new socketA motherboard!
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