Game running slow?

i upgraded my system a week back...
present configuration is amd phenom x4 960T,ati raedon 6700hd,4 gb ram...
when i play split second i do not get min 30 fps using fraps...
is this high graphic game that my system cannot handle.????..i played at 1366 X 768 with medium quality setting...
when i played dirt it gave not less than 70...
can my system handle big games like gta4 and l.a.noire????
i wanted to play at 1600 X 900 which is my monitors native res.
i do not want to overclock becoz my smps is just 400W(cooler master)
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  1. i have updated drivers...
  2. Is your system running in high power mode under power options?

    high power mode is hidden with an arrow down
  3. no...its running on balanced...will it make any difference?
  4. no...its running on balanced...will it make any difference?
  5. Yes, typically balanced mode will decrease your overall system speed for better battery life in comparison to high performance mode.
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