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After searching and searching I couldn't find a post regarding my problem.

Ever since the latest bf3 patch I have had sound problems with both my headphones and altec lansing 2.1 speakers. This did not exist before.

Basically during play, I get intermittent buzzing, or glitchy type sounds that are ever 1/2 second or so.

Anyone else have a problem with this?
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  1. Also, I have no problems with music, movies or any other sound coming through my pc.
  2. I have extremly low sound with everything cranked, but I run the sound through my speakers. Works with BF:BC2 and other games, movies and music.
  3. I get occasional problems like a loud constant beeping or everything goes silent. I think I have heard that this happens when there is too much sound at once so it shuts them off to prevent problems.
  4. I had an issue where my sound would just totally cut out for a few seconds, then come back, over and over. In BF3 and Diablo 3.

    Discovered it started doing this after I updated my audio drivers to the latest version from Realtek's website. Their new drivers caused the problem. Re-install didn't fix. So, I rolled them back to the audio drivers from ASUS website (my mobo), instead of Realtek's website. Fixed my issue.

    Believe I rolled back from 2.68 to 2.55.

    May be worth a shot to try different audio drivers.
  5. It's affectionetly called 'blast deafness' I believe I read. It's caused by when too much audio is playing at the same time this causes the game to stop all audio recover and keep going. Don't worry it's not your computer or headphones its the game it happens on all platforms.
  6. Have you tried changing the audio settings? You can change it Hi-Fi, War Tapes, or Headphones.
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