What games are you looking forward too?

What games are you looking forward too? Personally I can’t wait for guild wars 2, diablo 3 also BF3 although its already being released and I have it on Xbox I want it for pc so I can get the best experience.
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  1. Hawken, Darkstalkers 4, Bioshock Infinite, Mechwarrior Online. In that order.
  2. Wow, Hawken looks amazing. The whole purpose of this thread was so i could see if the will be any more games that i can buy... mission success.
  3. Hopefully Hawken will be compatible with a Virtual On controller! =)

  4. I will have no money when this game is released.

    Virtual on controller will be a must have, and just thinking what this game will be like in Eyefinity or 3d surround is making me twitch. Shame I don’t have 3 monitors.
  5. The controller won't function with the game, but in a perfect world it would be the only way to play the game at all.
  6. i know its only for Xbox and thats if it even is released, how about 2 joysticks? haha
  7. Could always use the original Dreamcast controller and a trio linker plus ;)
  8. It reminds me of a ps2 game i had but better, i hope it revolves around upgrades and customisation.
  9. Assassins Creed 3, Call of Duty (iron wolf??), The Witcher 2 enhanced edition
  10. Hitman Absolution, GTA V, SimCity 5, Assassin's Creed 3
  11. ok, im waiting for gw2 ps2 and diablo3 mostly. then maybe secret world, absolution, and the new bioshock. call me stupid but also im hoping the new risen is good also, or at least better than the garbage that was the first.
  12. I'm really looking forward to Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2! The first one was awesome! and also the new MoH, Hitman, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  13. looking forward to almost all the games already mentioned above. I don't think I will have time to try all of them, sadly :(.
  14. So far the only games on my shopping for this year are Mass Effect 3 which I will get after some more DLCs are released, and Skyrim. I will buy ME3 first.
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