GTX 460 1GB + Quad Core + 8GB RAM - So why does Skyrim have lag spikes

Hi guys
I recently upgraded my graphics card (first a 6850 then settled on a GTX 460 because of Mass Effect 3 issues with 6850)

But I have a huge annoyance - Skyrim has lag spikes.

None of the fixes I found online have worked so far.

I have an AMD Phenom II X4 3.2Ghz
GeForce GTX 460 1GB 192bit version

I feel like I should be able to play it on High settings without the lag.
It happens especially when I move the mouse around to look at the scenery (I play 3rd person)
But sometimes even when just running in straight line.

FPS drops suddenly, it's like a hiccup. Then it continues fine.

I tried it just for kicks on Low settings and it didn't have the problem, but I just can't believe high settings would cause such lag spikes, I feel like my system is pretty decent.

Anyone have some advice they know for sure it can help?
Maybe someone with a similar build can show me their ini's?
I'm going crazy editing the inis back and forth.
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  1. Hey, Try enable Vsync?
  2. Isn't it enabled by default?
  3. I dont know, i dont have skyrim =)
  4. It is enabled by default. My problem is like pauses. Freezes for a second. I'm assuming while it loads stuff?
  5. Yeah, it starts to load the next area. Try to adjust the object fades and such, so It doesn't load everything at once.
  6. No one has a similar setup so they can show me their inis?
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