FPS & CPU Usage

i have problem here.
When i was playing Dota 2 and NBA2k12.
My fps were about 90-100. But my CPU USage was gone to high for about 80-90%.
Any solutions?

My pC Specs :
AMD Phenom x2 555 3.2ghz
4 GB DDR3 Ram
HD 5670 512gb DDR5
Gigabyte Power Rock 420w PSU
MSi 870-G45 motherboard
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  1. What is the problem?
    If you don't want the CPU usage to go that high, lower the settings..
  2. The problem is. the settings is already medium. Still Usage high.
    FPS high but CPU Usage high also.
  3. There is nothing wrong with your CPU usage going high, it won't harm the CPU unless you are having problems keeping it cool. If your CPU is overheating when running at 100%, you have a cooling issue that you need to address.

    Your only other options are as said above, turn down graphics settings. Turning on vsync to cap the framerate at 60FPS will also decrease hardware usage. Finally, playing at a higher resolution if possible will shift more load to the graphics card, and should reduce CPU usage a little bit.
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