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I have an ABIT VH6, a CEL 566@850,a GF 2MX. Double fan on cpu 2 more for the entire system power supplys fan vgas fan(6 fans total). Before the format everything seems to work perfect but after the system crashes and i have to do restart. The vcore is 1.7v(the motherboard doesn't support over and at 1.65 the pc can't start) The highest temperature is 31-32C(i use very often FlaskMpeg which exhausts cpu and only if i use it the temperature goes 32C and almost always crash the system at the middle of progress so i can't finish the movie). I can't find where is the problem. I thought because i use 6 fans the voltage is not stable(ps is 250Watt)? The hardware monitor shows that the vcore goes up and down always-1,67-1,68-1,72,1,67 it's not stable. If i use FlaskMpeg on 566Mhz there is no problem.Most of the crashes happened when i'm using FlaskMpeg in 850Mhz.What can i do?? Please help me!! If you want more information about the system i will give you.

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  1. If voltages are not stable power supply is not stable. Get another one.
  2. He got it stable. I told him to use the pin trick to get it to 1.75 volts. I got a private message confirming that it worked.

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  3. Tell me more, please. I don't know what the "pin trick" is.
  4. PIII board detect voltage based on which combination of three pins are grounded or open. If you gound the right pins to a fourth pin using a piece of fine wire, the board detects that the chip is supposed to be a higher voltage. I told him how to raise his voltage to 1.65v default using this method, from 1.50v. This in turn changed his voltage options in bios from 1.50v-1.70v to 1.65v-1.85v. He said that once he did it, his processor ran stable at 1.75v. This is normall for coppermine CPU's. Generally speaking, for overclocking you need 1.50v up to maybe 566MHz, 1.55 up to maybe 600, 1.60v to 650, 1.65 to 700, 1.70v to 800, 1.75v to 933, 1.80v to 980. This really depends on the CPU, but it is a generally close aproximation for about 50% of 533-750 CPU's.

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  5. I finished the first movie with FlaskMpeg!! NO PROBLEM AT ALL THANKS TO CRASHMAN!! STABLE at last!! First of all i jibed but i took the big decision and......!!!!!!!! I still can't believe it!! Thanks again!!!

  6. Glad I could help-I just wanted to make sure other people would know how to handle this problem.

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