No clock speeds in bios

I am going to try and be a first time over clocker. But when I go into bios, I don't see the clock speed or the temperture. Here are my specs.
Windows ME
Duron 750
SpitfireGVC AR862 mb
Lite-On 12X DVD-ROM
Lite-On IDE CD-R/W 8/4/32
Samsung 30.6 GB ATA 66 5400
192MB/ 128mb pc133, 64 pc100
SB live value sound
prophet 2 MX video
SOHO Net card
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  1. never heard of your motherboard so it is very possible it does not support o/c
  2. What is the best mobo for overclocking AMD??
  3. asus a7v and abit kt7... eighter will do fine but i would go with abit for sheer overclockability.

    If you can't beat 'em kill 'em
    athlon "SLOTA" thunderbird 700@1050mhz
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