Hi! Can someone please help me. I purchased a game called spring up harmony and it was working fine in the beginning.
Then one day I went to go open the game and an error popped up saying " could not create correct 3d device ". I have tried everything to try and fix this, although I don't have much knowledge for these types of things. I have 64 bit, windows 7. Hopefully I can get this fixed! Thank you for reading. Raquel :D
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  1. Sounds like a video/graphics drivers issue, find out what graphics system you have and reinstall the drivers for it, (normally its from these manufacturers: AMD/ATI, Nvidia, Intel).
  2. Try to re-install the graphics drivers. Better to get the latest graphics drivers.
  3. first. never leave your email in a public forum or you will get spammed.
    the error is often cause when a driver fails. update your gfx driver and reinstall direct x... both should be in the install folders of the game... if not they will be on the disk or the file you got to install with...
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