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hi all.
my display is samsung syncmaster 733nw, amd 5550 card, intel c2d e 7300, 2gb ram.mw3 runs very dark on default brightness. I have to increase the brightness but then colors dont look so good.
plz help..
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    go into your gfx panned /vidoe and set the brightness and contrast there to default... also on the monitor itself make sure things like magic colour and magic bright are disabled...

    go into the game and set your gamma to either 0 or +1 but not much more or the screen will look washed out...

    my guess is that its the monitor settings rather than the games setting thats the issue.
  2. mw3 is bugged game.. it lags on my computer, even I have maximum Modern Warfare 3 System Requirements.. Battlefield 3 all the way \m/
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  4. thanks.... i think its my screen only..
  5. as its the syncmaster its likely to have majic bright and other fancy features... turn them off and hopefully that will solve your issue fully.
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