What kinds of games do people like

I Notice a lot of people love Video Games.

But a thought came to my mind,

What makes a game fun?

What Types of games do people love?

Of Course there is the classic Platform Games, and Zombies and Aliens...
Does anyone have any other thoughts on what they love? :love:

Just drop a Comment please!
I am only trying to make a fun game for the Android or iPhone App.
Wish me luck!
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  1. Hi :)


    All the best Brett :)
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    All people have diffrent likes when it comes to games. I personally like anything thats fun, competitive, linear and must not be repetitive. What i mean is if the gameplay will be much like any other game atleast make a good story to it or try to keep it a little bit diffrent to whats already out there. I love FPS, RPG, Action. Maybe you can try something like a sandbox game with maybe the option for multiplayer... peopel love competition or the ability to playwith friends. I know i do. Anyways the best of lucks friend :D
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