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I just upgraded my pc to windows 7 but now I cant open my GTA San Andreas game. It keeps trying to open it thru Windows Movie Maker which says, Movie Maker does not support file type selects. What should I have on my pc to be able to open and play the game?
Thank you
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  1. Uninstall, then reinstall GTA SA. Clicking on GTA_SA.exe should not automatically launch Win Movie Maker.

    Some / many old games are not completely compatible with Windows 7. Click on the following link which has some videos to show you what to do to get GTA SA to run properly on Win 7.

  2. your probably trying to run the gta sa MC file...
    just go to the install folder and right click on gtasa.exe or what ever and creat an icon for it... this should be sent to the desktop and then right click on that select compatibility mode. select xp mode and run as admin. click apply and quit.
    now just double click on yer new icon and the game should start.
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