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I have installed and re-installed the Skyrim game onto my pc. I tried the links and issues posted here. The game will not go past the install button. I never get to the "Play" button. When I hit play from Steam, I get the "Install, Options, Data Files, Tech Support, and Exit" Skyrim screen. Play would normally be where Install is, Options and Data files are greyed out.
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  1. to install from steam you need steam running... go to library tab where you should see an icon for skyrim. right click on it and select install. then it should start downloading the game... after its finished downloading it should then start installing...
    if it doesnt then you need to check the state of the files you have just gotten by again right clicking on the icon in library and selecting properties. then local files first check the integrity if its not grayed out.
    if it is it means the game wasnt downloaded in the first place...
    this can happen if steam doesnt have enough privs (steam doesnt run as admin) but should have enough to install on the primary boot drive...
    if you find you cant download because of privs then you can restart steam with admin privs and this should solve the problem...
    remember that running steam with admin privs is a security risk so restart it without admin privs 1s the install is complete.
  2. Run the game as administrator since that is a problem with registry and user specific files that keep saved games.
  3. Make sure 'my documents' is in its default place. Install and run as admin.
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