Windows 8 Performance Index SCORE LOW?

Hi All, I am curious to know what other scores people have been getting for the Windows performance Index..

I do not over clock at all. This is all stock, please let me know if this is what it suppose to be since it goes to 9.9..What gets perfect 9.9? Thanks!

My Specs and Ratings received:

I7 3770k =8.0
Crucial Ballistix Sport 1600mhz =8.2
EVGA GTX670 2gb = 8.1
4gbs total available graphics memory =8.1
Samsung 830 ssd =8.1
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  1. my scores are quite similiar to what i got in Win7, they are slightly below yours (since my hardware is slightly slower) getting around 7.9 for most of my stuff except 8.0 for my ssd

    i think they are leaving head room for newer hardware to reach the next milestone for windows rating.

    I never followed those scores for performance it is too vague to compare against synthetic benchmarks and real world applications
  2. Likely new headroom as "sscultima" suggested. My scores went up in Windows 8 too.

    I have:

    I wouldn't take Windows Index Score with a grain of salt though.
  3. Index score is for people that don't know anything about computers...

    Dont' use it for a performance measurement for any reason...
  4. There is no such thing as perfect score ! That 9.9 is for the future CPU`s.
    Micro$oft has taken some margin error... so they would have consistent WEI with old and new systems.
    Keep in mind that this indexes are not (and they don`t replace) benchmarks!
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