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Hey I recently installed Skyrim and am having a very weird issue. I couldn't find anything else on it anywhere.

I got it through Steam, and everything launches okay, etc. but once I start playing and moving around sometimes in certain spots my screen will get noticeably darker and you can see white lines in the shape of squares kind of like a grid.

I'm running on a ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series, that could be the problem because it's outdated, but it run's WoW fine, at low settings, and I have 8GB of RAM so that can't be an issue.

Heres a few photos of the issue im describing

You can see the white lines on the white side of my screen

At the bottom of stair set .
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  1. help please
  2. looks like you have a slight render issue... have you installed a high rez texture pack or mod? if so they may be badly made. if not then try a different driver for your gfx.
    but also make sure your gfx is running at its default settings in the cards control panel.
  3. evyerthing is default, skyrim default low, anti aliasing off, i have the texture pack off.
  4. i guess your using the latest drivers? as edging like this is often seen when the drivers havent been optimized for a specific game... when i first played skyrim i would get white pixels around everything that had AA applied to it... this was a driver specific problem that was fixed on the next release after the game came out...
    so i would say update to the latest drivers and if the problem persits then try the performance beta drivers(if there available for your card.
  5. I'm having the same problems. I just got Skyrim for PC today (as it's a bit buggy on PS3 I thought I'd give it a shot on PC) and this bug showed up from first startup. without any mods. and if I use some mods it is still there, as expected. legal version of the game of course, patched and all.

    I've got ATI Radeon 3800 HD Crossfire cards though, and on a Dell XPS 630i. I need to use Dell drivers, but they are from 2009.... which sucks. would also be really glad if someone knew anything, as it seems to be very hard to find info on this.

    thanks in advance! :)
  6. you shouldn't use the del drivers try ati's own or your never gonna get a decent image...
    if dell refuse to update the drivers then you should consider a class action against them as they have basically sold you a product there unwilling to support purley out of making profits.
    a good solicitor/lawyer will jump on this...
  7. might be an architecture issue with 3000 series cards, which would need to be fixed on a driver level
  8. thanks for the replies! I've tried using the newest ATI drivers (12.3 iirc) but that made my CPU usage to go through the roof ( = 100%) so I had no choice but to uninstall those. will give it another go when I get home from work, maybe I was tired or something.

    also going to contact Dell and see if they can't help. thanks again for the replies, much appreciated. :)
  9. the drivers should have no impact on overall cpu usage. if they did then i would assume there corrupted...
    try the 12.2 performance drivers if you can find em or just the stock 12.2 drives from the ati/amd website.
    then again if the problem persists its likley theres a hardware block inplace where dell have to issue the drivers you need. if this is the case geyt on to em and demand they issue you them as you have a right to use the pc for the purpose it was made and that is gaming...(you only issue oem crossfire for gaming) personally i would rip out the dell motherboard as thats where all the problems stem from and replace it with a cheap but sturdy alternative. at least that way you can run what drivers you want regardless of any restrictions dell may have added.
  10. my computer is unfortunately pretty old, i doubt Dell will provide me any drivers if they haven't updated them since 2009... but yeah, i'll definately contact them. i'm just going to try some different drivers first and see if that helps.

    i have been able to find others that seem to have the same problems with skyrim though, so maybe there's also a chance that the game will be patched... i hope some of these things will work. thanks a bunch for your help! :)
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