How do I have separate 3d application settings for one game?

I have a 6950 2gb, and i had been having a lot of trouble with skyrim and stutter issues. After going through these forums, I found a fix that involved going into the CCC and overriding application settings for AA and AF. Skyrim runs great now. I saved these changes to "TESV" in an application profile.

The issue is, I fire up something like portal 2, and what was originally running perfectly has become sluggish and slow. I tried to change it so the changes I made to make skyrim work better would only affect skyrim, but I don't know how to.

Is there a way to get custom 3D application settings to apply to only 1 program?
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  1. I don't know about AMD cards, but you can set custom profiles with Nvidia cards. Since Nvidia does it, one would think it is also possible on AMD cards. Did you check AMD's website for help?
  2. There's the dropdown menu in the 3D settings that says <<New Application>>, just press save and browse to the game exe you want to put the settings in.

    At least that is how I think it works, I haven't tested it yet.

    I saved the defaults in a game and it says the settings were applied to that game.
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