i recently read that all these special editions of assassins creed 3 are exclusive to E.M.E.A countries , this means that if i pre order its special edition it will not work on my system.
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  1. there just sold there you can play them anywhere in the world. but even if you cant you can always spoof a vpn and fool the game server into thinking your in the eu.
  2. This ones the last question , if i fool them into thinking when i start the net wont they catch me when i validate it.
  3. no. they dont really care. as long as they get there money. the reason there not available in your region is the cost to you... in the eu that came would be 80euros/60 pounds/100bux
    a typical game for you costs rs 1000 that very same game costs me 40 pounds which os about rs3400 a special edition costs us about 80 which would be rs 6400.
    as you can see if the games cost that much for us, then your never really gonna buy them so the games companies reduce the price to you so you can afford them at a similar percentage of your wages as we pay...
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