GTA-4 Not performing well on HP G6


I am able to play GTA-4 on SONY VAIO VPCEH26 (i3, nvidia 410m 512mb, 4gb ram). It is running satisfactorily. But the game is getting stuck very often on Hp pavillion g6 (i5, ATI radeon HD 6470 - 1gb , 4GB ram).

On my HP, I have tried my best for reducing the load on CPU by reducing all the services. I have formatted my lappy and then installed gta4 alone. same game is running fine on sony lap with lot many applications,

Can you please help me with this.

Thanks in advance
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    It's easy even i am using the same configuration.

    just go to your configure switchable graphics i.e catalyst control center->then assign your GTA 4.exe file to high performance .

    after that just plugin your laptop to main power as the processor gives high performance on main power rather than on battery power .

    play and enjoy.
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  3. I have also used same configuration and it was problem problem, I think you need to upgrade your processor. It will work for you.
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