Nfs shift unleashed and dirt3 hangs at first loading screen

hi! :) can you help me?recently,i have installed nfs shift unleashed and dirt3 on my pc..when it comes to nfs shift unleashed,i can play it for the first time i installed it without no lag,no problem at all.after that,i have installed avg 2012 antivirus and then the problem came..the game freeze at the loading screen and there is no way for me to open the task manager to stop,i have to do hard reset.and the i reinstall the games and the sane problem still happened.then i try to uninstall the antivirus and the same problem happened again! :( :( the same goes with freezes at the first loading screen..this make me really upset..and i do not know how to fix it.i have disabled UAC and turn of the firewall and the problems still happened! :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: well,i am using intel pentium g620,ecs motherboard and 6gb of rams.i do not have the gpu and i am using the integrated anyone help me?? :sweat:
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  1. to boot without the av you can use msconfig.exe from the run bar and use the selective startup. uncheck everything under the main checkbox and apply/reboot... the pc should now boot without the av running...

    or you can try to dissable the antivirus from the av pannel. then close it down. open taskmanager and remove any associated execuatble/processes that belong to avg that are still running.

    now go to the avg install folder and delete it... now run a reg cleaner like ccleaner and remove all the entries that pertain to avg.. reboot and avg should be gone...
    try your games again...
    btw avira is a much better free solution than avg. avg is pretty poor even when payed for so i wouldn't recommend any 1 use it... not to mention the fact that it becomes invasive to the system over time..
    if you do choose to run avira you will need to run an anti malware app with it. i chose malwarebytes but it doesnt activley scan in the free version. if you cant afford or dont want to pay then use super antispyware... ad-aware may also have real time scanner and is also a good choice.
  2. thanks!i already did what you said to me!and it works!thanks a lot!actually i already have avira antivirus and then i swapped it to avg...i thought avg was better than,i will swapped it back to avira..the good things is,nfs shift unleashed is working perfectly..but not for soon i launched the game,the word 'dirt3' appeared and then i got this message.'dirt3 executable file has stopped working'...anyone,has a solution for this annoying problem?
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