What is best method in removing thermal paste?

I want to replace the stock thermal paste and reapply arctic silver ... what is the best method?
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  1. just wipe it off with your finger. If your careful you can use alcohol- just be sure to dry it up.

    -MP Jesse
  2. Oil from my body would cause a heating prob.. would it not?
  3. Yes it would. That's why most heatsink instructions tell you to get some alcohol and remove the oil that comes on heatsinks (to prevent oxidation). Copper oxidates really easy.

    -MP Jesse
  4. Just lick it off!


    I use paper towels. Though, I have never had to remove it from a processor like my TBird with components and the core on the surface. They should work well on the heat sink though.

    I am just a wanderer, that I am.
  5. Use a bit of alcohol on a lint free cloth and wipe it off with that, your worry about the oil from your hand is getting a bit anal. If your worried about that wipe your finger with the alcohol first. There will not be a whole lot of difference between the silicon grease and the silver based stuff if both are applied right in the first place so it is kind of chasing your tail.


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