Windows freezes on startup at "Windows Starting Screen"

Hi all,

Basically when I boot my computer that little animation runs during "Windows starting", and seems to take way longer than usual and then finally just freezes. Computer neve completely boots up.

Now I tried to do other things like repair through the windows 7 disc but even that "eventually" freezes.

As a possible cause... My computer completely froze up when it was working so I had to hard reset by pressing the power button. Since then its been freezing.

Already unplugged all hardware and computer had been running fine for 3 years prior to this.

Any ideas?
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  1. Likely suspects are graphics card failing, psu failing, heat in that order. If you have an old graphics card to swap in, or can test your graphics card in another PC, that would be a good first step.
  2. Alright just tried a few.

    Replacing graphics card and PSU did nothing. Still fails in the same spot :(

    Edit: Tried to repair/restore off the windows disc. Still freezes. During restore freezes during "Setup is Starting".

    Also if I run safe mode it freezes during classpnp.sys not sure if that is significant.

    Thanks guy... Still trying on this end.
  3. My guess is either you have bad memory stick or the drive is failing, or you are trying to move the drive from one PC to another, which won't work.
    Try removing all your memory except 1 stick. If no go, pull that stick and replace it with one of the ones you pulled, try again.
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    I encountered this symptom recently and it was due to a failing HDD. I replaced the drive and windows installed with no problems.
  5. Tried memory swap - no avail.

    But the hardrive looks like it was it! I have 2 hdds in the same computer so I unplugged the one with the windows installation and installed windows in the other. Everything went smoothly.

    Unfortunately I had some pretty important data on the other hdd. Tried booting off the new installation but it will still fail if the old hdd is left plugged in...

    Good to see my computer working now so thanks very much.

    But is there any way to save data off the old HDD?
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  7. you can save the data from the other HDD by using it with an external enclosure, like a USB external drive. I believe Thermaltake makes a device that allows you to plug in the HDD on top of it, and connects via USB to your PC. It's called BlackX or something like that.
  8. Of course, do all that AFTER the PC has booted from the good HDD.
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