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STEAM Half life 2 Problem

ummm well i installed Half-Life 2 VIA Steam its finished and all that but when i open the game it loads up it Shows the Valve Ad and also the other ad after it but after the one after Valve finishes Half-life 2 Automatically shuts down i tried everything can someone please help?

P.S It does not say any error or anything it just shuts down.
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  1. Try validating the steam cache files. Sometimes they get corrupted during updates.

    Right click on the game, select "properties" from the popup menu.
    Local Files (tab) -> "Verify integrity of game cache..."
  2. im sorry but can you please explain that step by step?
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    open steam
    go to Game library
    right click on game in question
    select properties
    in new window switch to local files tab
    click button "verify integrity of game cache"

    is that step by step enough?
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  5. thank you very much. Much appreciated
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