Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning lag

Anyone having issues with a lot of lag in this game? Whenever I am moving my character it will be fine for a few seconds, then slows to a crawl. Everything else works fine, just having issues while moving. I have tried messing with the graphic settings, and even tried redownloading it. Currently, I have it mounted to a virtual drive. Graphic card driver up to date.

Shouldn't be my pc. . I would think

- I5 2500k OC 4.5ghz
- 2 GTX 570's SLI
- P67 extreme 4 mobo
- Corsair 850hw
- 8gb G skill ram
- 600gb wd velociraptor HD
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  1. i played it on my sig system just fine. so my guess would be bad sli support.
    try turning off 1 card and playing. if the issue goes away then get in touch with nvidia and ask them to release a new profile and fix in there next driver update...
  2. I tried turning off SLI, and it made no improvements at all. I even turned off the OC, with the same results. I have not the slightest idea what is going on. It almost seems like it would be the cpu since it is more of a console game, but any other game I try works great. :fou:
  3. I ask you how is your internet connection? have you run a speed/ping test? Do you play wireless or by Ethernet?
  4. I had the same problem with the lag. all i did was run the game, press ctrl+alt+del and right click the process for the game and set the affinity for all cores of my cpu. that seems to have fixed it.
  5. If all else fails, try putting a COOLING SYSTEM to your gpu, as it turns out, when your GPU overheats, it tries to cool down by cutting off some features. I made an account just to post this lol... :bounce:
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