You Expect Me To Modify These L1 Things?????

as the excess use of ???? will no doubt have alerted you, I am a NEWBIE! - any advice/ info will be greatly appreciated :-). Heres my problem: I have just acquired a Duron 750 cpu and a shiny new Asus A7V mobo to plug it into - I have it all up & running as god (and AMD ;-) intended - I want to overclock the 750 to 1000 - i have read the guide on the 'How to' section - and it is my understanding that all I have to do is unlock the processor by connecting the L1 bridges together - by pencil, silver pen or any other of a hundred ways to create 'electrical oneness' - then modify the relevant jumpers on the mobo, as outlined in the guide - bolt on the meanest, badest cooler & fan combo money can buy and then - ITS ALIVE!!!! Mwuhahaha!!!! SWEET! - now, eventually, the question: have i missed any important details? - which is the simplest most idiotproof way of closing the L1 Brigdes? - is it worth doing it? - YES - I know that was more than one question, but im new to all this you see & im English, far too busy drinking Tea and avoiding Dentists to figure all this out for myself :-)
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  1. The easiest way has to be with a mechanical pencil and some very fine lead (.5mm or smaller). That way, if you mess it up, you can just erase the marks. It's not quite as permanent as the conducting pens, but it'll work.

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  2. I have read that mechanical pencils aren't all that reliable and can believe it when I looked at my T-bird 800 under magnification the first time. It looks like the assembly process uses some kind of laser to cut a trench through the bridges on mine. I find it hard to imagine making a successful electrical bridge across that with a pencil mark. I had a little bottle of window defroster repair stuff I dug out of a drawer and used a hair of a paint brush to dip and "paint" the bridges closed. Don't drink coffee before you do this! It takes a steady hand. Luckily, I didn't mess up. I hadn't thought about how I would repair a screw up. It would be good to hear from anyone experienced as to if you can check the integrity of the bridges you make. I haven't plugged my system in yet.
  3. the pencil trick works just fine as long as you are careful and don't plan on removing you heatsink several times. The lead won't smear if you leave the heatsink in place obviously. I have done it to 2 durons so far. the first was a 700@864 and recently a 750@964. Awesome choice by the way. These things rock.

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  4. Done it to a Tbird 700, and two Duron 700s, no problems whatsoever....i must be gifted :) Havent reached 1gig yet :( but i'm still hoping!
    Its so fun getting speed for free!
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