Why steam (valve) sucks

all i wanted to do was change my avatar, but nooooooooooooooooooo. it says it is changed, but it isnt changed. then i try to loggin to the steam forums, hoping some freaking 12 year old might know something, but nooooooooooooooooooooooooo steam wont even let me log in. i try everything, i ask for an email to reaffirm my name and directs me to the exact same page that wont let me in. so i try to start a new account, but noooooooooooooooooooooooooo it wants parental permission even though i an freaking 51 years old. valve has robbed me for years and yes i am powerless against them, i realize that......but i swear to my god, if i ever meet a prick that works for them in person i will put them in the dirt....where they belong.

rant out of the way, time for the question....why isnt steam allowing me to change my freaking avatar????

my apologies to all the 12 year old fanboys that read this, i know you wont understand why a person could be frustrated with your god....but it happens
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  1. Your account was hacked, or maybe Steam is having problems.
  2. Open app. Click on View-->settings-->Friends tab-->change (under avatar). Then either upload or pick one from stock.

    If that doesn't work, shoot them an email and maybe they can help you better.
  3. Hello, to my knowledge, steam sometimes has this "sleepy time" period I call it, where it says it's connected to the steam network but in reality it's refusing to communicate with Steam servers. Typical solution for me has been to wait about 5-10 mins it then fixes itself.

    Another theory is try relogging into steam to after you change the avatar, it might not update all the proper places with the avatar right away after you change it.
  4. Ironically, I thought this was about steam servers being broken. I actually reinstalled some CS this weekend to relive 2001. It's busted as hell. You can only connect to two servers no matter what IP you put in if you launch through steam. You have to use Xfire or something like it to connect to servers. I bitched and moaned years ago when steam was created and ruined CS for me, but I must say I was mildly happy to see about 40k users playing, even if 80% were Russian.
  5. Avatar changing is unallowed on steam
  6. JollyJay said:
    Avatar changing is unallowed on steam

    No it isn't.
    Don't lie.

    Lying isn't cool man, totally not cool.

    PS. Not cool at all.
  7. humphreybot said:

    my apologies to all the 12 year old fanboys that read this

    Oh the irony.
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