My chip was unlocked- but it won't post to 133!!

I looked through all the chips before I bought them and sure enough I found a "B" series t-bird 1.2gig OEM WITH THE L1 BRIDGES CLOSED! Thinking it was my lucky day, I plopped it in my new Abit KT7A-Raid and tried to set it to 1200x 133FSB in the softmenu. The bastard wouldn't post! When I set it back to 100fsb it is fine. Now understand I have seen tons of these with the bridges cut and I'm telling you this one was not cut and I can tell with the naked eye. To be sure I bought a supermagnifying glass and looked even closer to be sure and the L1 bridges are indeed CLOSED. Is this a "freak" chip that somehow passed through unnoticed from AMD or did they ship some like this??

Maybe I'm doing something wrong in the softmenu3 bios settings. I have a FOP38 that runs it at 30-39C after running quake demos so I know I'm cool enough.

Does anyone know what I shoud do with the multiplier settings? I was just using the default setting of 1200x133 but obviously I want to soup it up more than just the FSB. Do I go into user defined and then what settings should I go for? What about the voltage??

Will it damage the CPU if I try this or just not post?

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. if you are just trying to make it 133MHZ FSB without overclocking, you need to set your clock multiplier to 9.0x. You are leaving it at 12.0x. Then it will be 9.0x133 = 1.2GHz.

    Satan Clara...... 'Nuff said.
  2. I WANT to overclock but what shoud I do now with the bios setting and should voltage be changed?
  3. well you can't overclock that drastically (12.0 x 133.) It just won't work. try something like 10.0 x 133 or a mix of the FSB and multiplier.

    Satan Clara...... 'Nuff said.
  4. Thanks for the start-

    More specifically about the bios, what is:
    CPU FSB plus
    Speed error hold

    And should I modify the
    core voltage
    I/O voltage?

    Is there an advantage to getting the FSB up to a higher number (I'm assuming to match the memory 133 is good, but I still cant get it there) I tried 9X133 but it would not post. So I stayed with the 100FSB and changed the multiplier so Im running at 1.3 and still 42C.
  5. OK- I've now got it running stable at 1.4 G with no hitches by changeing the multiplier to 10.5 and the FSB 133. Am I going to be able to go HIGHER? Should I even try? I'm still running at 42C (viahm and 34.4C Sandra readings) Balls, men, balls!

    Will I need to change the voltage? I left that at default.

    If I DO go higher, with the advice of you vetrans, should I go to 11X 133 (seems logical)=1464 or do I forego some of the fsb clock to bring the multiplier down? Is there arisk of blowing my VC out and other components because the multiplier is up as long as I stay with the 133 FSB? I don't understand what the FSB Plus setting is either.
  6. Well if your running at 1.4ghz stable at stock voltage then i hate you!....not really but your lucky. I havent heard them go that high too often with air cooling only...damn man. Well as a piece of advice...if you increase the voltage you will be far more likely to reach higher speeds stable, and if your really at stock voltage i'd have to say you have a little over heard to work with. Just watch your heat and stability. Your a lucky man my friend, good luck.
  7. If you do indeed need to increase the voltage how far do you go?
  8. OK - so what should the core voltage be and the I/O? Is there any relationship or do I just increase the core?
  9. The latest saga. You guys ever seen a blue 1" line near the bottom of the screen that once was the bios? When I tried to change the multiplier to x11 / 133/33FSB (a .5 increase on what was running stable before) It boots up and then goes into an invalid system disk loop. When I try to reboot into the bios I get the blue line instead so I can't change it back. Weird! I tried holding the insert key like the manual says. Also booted it ten times quick and ten slow (1 minute between), even let it sit for 10 min, but no luck- still blue line! I finally cleared with the jumper so I could get into the bios, and reset it to 10.5x 133/33 with default voltages.

    Do I need to increase the voltage like some had suggested? Core AND I/O? (see post above) Why the invalid system disk message (looks like windows is gone so it must F-Up the High-point controller b/c both my HD's are on the raid ports.

  10. Oh, and now after installing the SB live Xgamer, windows locks, where it wasn't before. Fu_kin hardware. I figured out why they call it Hardware, cuz it's hard to keep it running!
  11. Snipe- I tried raising the core voltage to 1.8 and it is running great at 1409 so far- ran Final reality twice, 3D mark 2000 put me at 9299 with a DDR geforce (version 1). I am still wondering about the I/O voltage? Should I raise that also?

    here's where I'm at- x10.5 133/33 FSB+1= 1409

    I also have another concern for my other cards. Sandra says my mem speed is 134 6111R and 4111w (Brand= Xerox PC133U-333-542)
    but what concerns me is the 360MHZ FRIGGIN Bus for the agp card. Its supposed to be 66 right? The IDE bus clocks at 44Mhz also.

    Shouldn't I get those down before meltdown?
  12. Don't worry about what the Sandra benchmark tells you. As for the I/O Voltage, I have mine at 3.4V, and have raised it to 3.5V with no gains in stability or speed on my 1.2Ghz. The max speed mine will reach is 1370mhz, 136x10. I usually don't mess with the FSB Plus, only the FSB/PCI Clock setting. If you are getting strange screens, like the one inch blue line instead of the full BIOS screen, your CPU is maxxed out, and is causing errors in everything, back the speed down, or if you can set the CPU voltage up any higher to 1.85V if you are not at that yet than do it and see if stability returns.
  13. The IO voltage doesn't do anything. Increace the core voltage bit by bit until it is stable.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">System spec.</A> Ideas appreciated.
  14. You do not deserve your luck, you bastard!

    When the bus speed is between 100 and 133 the PCI divider is 1/3, and the AGP divider is 2/3, when the FSB is 133 or greater the PCI divider changes to 1/4 and the AGP divider to 1/2.
  15. 1409......1409!!!!! WTF
    The computer gods have selected you my son. no seriously has anyone else heard of an air cooled Tbird going this high? Jesus find someone with a water cooler and sell them this chip for like $350 :) Or better yet buy the cooler yourself and go for 1500 or 1600! :)
    I'd assume it is going to max out soon....i mean does AMD know about this? If you've still got your heat in check keep uping your core voltage and then your speed settings till your maxed out....let us know. But be careful man your playing with fire here...I wouldnt want you to kill that hero of a CPU, just keep very close watch on the temps...if those are fine then your golden!
    As far as the other voltage settings go...i'm not a pro but i tried bumping mine up with no benifit, but again i'm not a pro on that subject.
  16. So what you are saying is that it is lying about the 360MHZ FSB for the AGP? I'm at the wall at 1.42G =10.5x 135/35 core V=1.8 (seemed stable at stock though- just went higher b/c everyone said it is more stable)

    I tried 10.5x 136 and I get windows protection errors. Is ME more prone than 2000 to these from OC'ing? Can I go higher w/ W2000?

    Some have suggested dropping the multiplier and going with a faster FSB (cpu plus??) or straight- up faster fsb/pci clock? Anyways, what is the max my Guillemot DDR Prophet Geforce can take? Will I damage it when I go with a FSB of higher than 33?

    At this point I am obviously only entertaining ideas that will get me ABOVE 1.42.

    BTW- Check me out on mad onion's 3D mark, use DDR Geforce as the search - I'm #6 &9 &10 for that chipset, not too shabby for a year old vid card! What's weird is that I'm higher at 1398MHZ than 1419!! Is this a heat/ memory issue or what. Still running around 50C after BMing several times.
  17. Where did you see that 360 Mhz AGP bus stuff???????

    The Geforce will take whatever bus speed you give it.

    Even if you don't go further that 1400, I (and many other people) would suggest this:

    - Lower the multiplier to 9, increase the FSB little by little as long as your system is stable (it should get to about 145 Mhz, depending on the quality of your RAM). Maybe you will be able to get higher FSB increasing your RAM latency, the bus speed gain will be worth the latency increase.

    -Once you have reached the max FSB, increase the multiplier in steps of 0.5, perform stability tests, increase it another step, and repeat the process until your system gets unstable.

    Please note that even if the speed in mhz you can get is higher when you use lower FSB, the higher FSB will increase your performance even if your max speed in mhz decreases a little bit. For example, my Pentium MMX performs better at 187.5 mhz with 75 mhz bus than at 200 mhz with 66 mhz bus.

  18. oh kickass! I am getting my TBird 1.2GHz chip tomorrow and my 256MB of Infineon SDRAM!!!!!!! SWEEEEEEETTTT!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to overclock this biatch! :smile:

    Satan Clara...... 'Nuff said.
  19. I'm getting my 850Mhz Tbird and my 256MB CL2 PC133 Sdram tommorrow :) then comes the motherboard :)... too bad Im trying to fit it into a Micro-ATx case... just dissassembled my 2500 dollar P5-100 from Gateway to see if I could fit it in the desktop case :)

    -AMD's are not for the faint of heart... Intels? those are for newbies :o)-
  20. If you have a nice HSF like a globalwin FOP38 go ahead and put your Voltage to 1.85 and try higher FSB. And I'm guessing that 133 FSB on Pentium and 133 FSB on AMD is the same even though AMD is times 2. Thats just my guess. And you must remember some people with their pentiums go to crazy FSB speeds like 150 and 166, and I've even heard of something like 182 or 183.
  21. Up to 1430 last night, SECOND highses benchmark at Madonion in my class VC (Geforce DDR) 9588!! Whoohoo! I dropped the multiplier like you said and all the benches went up. I'm playing with 10x 143 so far, still stable and about 46-49 after several benches. And I didn't even use arctic silver! Maybe I should get some hmmmmm. I will try more after work!

    Still Sizzling!
  22. Yes I have the Alpha PEP66 heatsink with a homemade squirrel cage fan. I'm gonna go as high as I canwithout a peltier, then I might consider getting one.

    Satan Clara...... 'Nuff said.
  23. okay Im an idiot, what is a peltier? Some sorta cooler thing? :) also, since I've already started typing.. with a 850 Tbird oc'd to 1ghz or so, I am getting two fans for it.. in addition to the one on the power supply. This case cost me a fricking mint (I wanted to get a crappy one and just poke holes in it, but all the crappy ones still cost a crap load to ship... crap crappy crap crap... anyway...

    -AMD's are not for the faint of heart... Intels? those are for newbies :o)-
  24. i haven't researched them much, but this is what i know. It uses the peltier effect to cool your CPU. Something to do with metals reacting with each other. one end gets cold the other gets hot. you stick the cold end on your cpu, and on the hot end you put a watercooler or heatsink or whatever. you can get them in different sizes, small ones, big ones, etc. I will probably just get a very small one.

    Satan Clara...... 'Nuff said.
  25. A peltier is a backwords thermocouple. two differant metals stuck together, a temp differance produces a voltage and can be used to tell temp, and a voltage produces a temp diff. making one side hot the other cold. it sorta sucks the heat off the cpu.
  26. For an update to all those who helped make my computer such a kick ass machine...10x+12(cpu plus)=145FSB

    I can run stable at 1450! I posted the highest scores at for the geforce1 ddr chipset, 9690 3dmarks!

    I JUST HAD to go higher though so I bought a Hurcules geforce2 gts pro. Same settings posted a 11,622! Im ranked 17th for ALL VC's (only 5 different people though), and seventh for the geforce pro (with only 3 who were in the other field also are higher)!!!!!

    My fop38 keeps it smooth at about 46-48 after benching and playing Q3 for an hour. I used regular white grease but have ordered arctic silver2 to replace it with to see if I can get more out of it. To make the guy who wrote me with 15 fans in his case jealous... I HAVE ONE, and it's just an exaust PCI card next to my VC! I have "modified" my case for retrofitting with a 80mm fan thats going to mount on the side wall and blow straight onto my RAM and processor- it will hit the back side of my VC also. Sound good?

    I have a OSD micron cas3 256 stick which benches at 615/675(sandra), which seems not too shabby compared to what I have seen even with DDR.

    Would I really benefit from CAS2 muskin? I am overclocking the ram I have at 145 but I crash at 146FSB. The mushkin rev. 3 is supposedly rated at 150mhz, but will the VC and drives handle that speed also? That would in effect get me to 10x +17/133 =150mhzFSB. I know CAS2 is supposed to be faster so that alone I'm assuming will get me to 12,000 3Dmarks which is my goal, of course to have the most bad-ass system out there (for the moment). The other wuestion is that mushkin only sells rev.3 ram in 128sticks so I should get two. BUT- is two sticks slower than one 256? Do I need 256, or is one rev 3 going to better my scores or make them go down from the 256 scores?

    Those sandra scores...Left P4 in my dust for all but mem!
    4049/2004 CPU BM
    8147/9892 MMX
    615/675 Mem

    BTW- playing Q3 with all of the highest settings is F'in MINDBLOWING, I wish you all could see the frames blaze by in high-rez! Those with fast systems can back me on this!!

    Thanks again to helping my quest to have one of the fastest MO FO air cooled machines on the planet!!

    Any thoughts apprecaiated in helping me go to bed before 3AM!
  27. All I can suggest now that your hitting an FSB barrier is to up your io voltage. This should help your mem stability and thus get you higher FSB!! Pretty cool huh? Hope it helps, Laterz.

    P.S. Lucky bastard ;)

    "I yam what I yam!"
  28. Hey, I forgot to mention... That computer shop that I bought the unlocked chip, my honey hole, has TWO more 1.2 gigs factory MISSED (Unlocked). They sell for $330(+.06% MI sales tax) which I'll admit is higher than an internet price but I love their return policy- 7 days full refund, 30 days exchange. If somebody REALLY wants one so they don't have to dick w/ unlocking, and the fact that I think these may overclock better than doing it yourself as I can attest (unless mine is a freak), I could get it until the 2 are gone. Private message me for details.
  29. Thanks, but what's this? I've had people tell me the I/o doesnt mean [-peep-]. It's at 3.5V and my core is at 8.5. What does the I/O do and what are the consequences? I don't want smoke here!
  30. Dude I can't wait until I get enough money to get a new vid card and everything... not that what i have now is bad. Gf2 GTS and TBird 1.2GHz.. But I am going to KICK YOUR ASS! Maybe not buy hey I can dream LOL!

    Satan Clara...... 'Nuff said.
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