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So, I just started playing Deus Ex Human Revolution, and I noticed the game runs sort of choppy, my FPS, however does not dip below 60fps, which is on par with my monitors refresh rate, Is their any tweaking I can do to keep graphics as high as possible but run more smoothly?

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    Welcome to the single-card microstutter phenomenon that exists in DX:HR. Best result I had in combating it was increasing pre-rendered frames from 3 to 5 in NVCP (or ati tray tools if you use an amd gpu). Problem is most common in nvidia cards with this title as far as I know.
  2. i got dx hr the day it came out and i have no such stutter issues.
    then again 1s i finished the game i haven't played it since so i haven't applied any of the new patches so maybe thats where the problem lies... try the game without the patches and see if that sorts the issue...

    also make sure your running the 12.2 beta performance drivers rather than the 12.3 drivers as they have fixes for games that generally aint available in the 12.3 launch...
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